Welcome! This blog is about all things vision therapy related. Our goal is to educate and assist as many people and families as we can, and we hope you find this helpful. We encourage you to take a look around, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

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“Preston was really struggling before vision therapy. He had been evaluated for a learning disability and was diagnosed with ADD, but nothing really fit. Homework almost always ended with tears and he hated reading. Vision therapy for Preston made a world of difference. Instead of fighting him to read, he fights to read longer before bed. He is able to complete his homework without us sitting over him telling him to focus constantly. He has improved his reading level in school and is actually comprehending what he is reading. I am so happy that we were finally able to find something to help him. It’s done wonders for both his educational and emotional well-being.”


“At our son, Zachary’s last annual examination, Dr. Jacobi asked how school was going. Zachary commented that it was hard, especially reading. We had already begun some academic testing at the school because of Zachary’s difficulties. Dr. Jacobi suggested further vision testing. The results were surprising. In some areas Zachary performed quite well, but in others he was in the 5th and 9th percentile of children his age. We discovered that Zach’s eyes were not working together and that he had some processing problems.
The vision therapy that Dr. Jacobi recommended retrained Zachary’s eyes to work together. We noticed how improved Zachary’s attention span became. The second part of his therapy worked on the processing of what he sees. We have noticed improvement in this area as well. Zachary is having a much better school year this year. His confidence has also improved. Zach still has a a ways to go but the vision therapy he received has definitely gotten him on the right track.
We would like to say thank you to Dr. Jacobi for identifying the problem and determining a solution. We would also like to thank the therapist for working with Zachary on a weekly basis. Their patience and kindness made this experience a very positive one.”